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How To Find “Enough” This Holiday Season

How To Find “Enough” This Holiday Season

Hearing Tracey Theemes speak at a recent PWN event definitely got us thinking about the constant need for more when we  already have enough – we are sure you can relate! With the festive season upon us, we wanted to share a few words and reinforce a key take-away from Tracy’s time with us. My whole perspective on Christmas spending changed dramatically five years ago. Two things happened. The first was when I was in a Toys R Us aisle and witnessed harried parents screaming at their two children for being greedy. As they all pawed and fingered various toy items, the tension between them was so thick, so teetering on violence, that I thought I was going to be ill. As a former child therapist I can tell you those kids would have much preferred hanging out with their parents with a bowl of popcorn and drinking hot cocoa then being yelled at under harsh lights at 8:30 pm, exhausted and long past their energetic limit. The parents, caught in the frenzy of purchasing holiday happiness, were buying stuff they couldn’t really afford and adding more lines to a tapped out visa card. I couldn’t stop thinking about this poor family. At dinner, the very next Sunday, I held a roundtable discussion for the 14 members of my family who were in our gift circle. Using the outline of Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages, we talked about how we most wanted to receive love. Each one of us reflected and shared our preferences. It was fun… and fascinating! Only two of the 14 had “gifts” as their language. Wow! The rest of us were divided...


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