The Professional Women’s Network (PWN) is a Canadian-based non-profit organization focused on assisting women in business

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The Professional Women’s Network (PWN) is a Canadian-based non-profit organization focused on assisting business women to:

  • Connect easily with one another and with male business contacts
  • Refer business to one another where appropriate
  • Develop and leverage strong business relationships
  • Increase profile and profitability; and
  • Contribute to the success of other business women


The PWN was founded in 1997 by National Chair, Michelle Pockey (a business lawyer), together with three other Vancouver-based professional women – an accountant, an engineer and another lawyer. Initially, the PWN was established to help women in the traditional professions to connect easily, refer business to one another, and assist each other to navigate successfully the unique challenges faced by female professionals in advancing their careers.

In 1998, increasing its mandate to supporting the success of women in business generally, the PWN expanded its membership to include women from all walks of business and entrepreneurial life. Our membership is now comprised of a strong mix of business owners, executives and professionals from many business sectors and various levels of experience.

Recognizing the growing earnest support for business women demonstrated by many of our male business colleagues, and understanding that developing strong cross-gender business relationships is critical to success, PWN increased the scope of its membership in 2005 to include business men. PWN’s currrent membership includes approximately 45 male members. This expansion of our membership has enriched our organization by opening up new and unique business growth opportunities for both our male and female members, while maintaining the comfortable and inviting atmosphere that has come to define and distinguish our organization.

PWN currently includes approximately 1000 members at its members at its Vancouver chapter.  Past events have also been held in Calgary and Toronto.