Have a question about PWN in general, PWN Memberships, PWN Meetings, or otherwise? This FAQ sheet may answer some of your questions.


I haven't attended one of the events before. Is there anything I need to do or do you need more information about me or my business?

Please sign up for our events posted on our Events page.  We recommend that you bring your business cards if you have them because there is an opportunity to network before the presentation starts at 6:00pm.  As well, we do a business card draw at the end of the presentation.

Are event tickets refundable or exchangeable?

As we are a not for profit organization, meeting tickets are non-refundable and not exchangeable for another session.  However, you may transfer your ticket to a colleague or friend.  If you cannot find someone and if we receive inquiries about a waiting-list for the event, we could pass your name and e-mail address onto those who are interested in attending to transfer your ticket. If you have transferred your ticket, please let us know who will attend in your place.  Please contact us at

What should I do when I have trouble with payment when registering for an event?

There are several things that you can try to trouble-shoot and successfully register you for this event.  Please make sure the address you enter is the address of your credit card bill.  Please check that you do not have a pop-up blocker running, which may prevent you from accessing the payment page.  If you do have a pop-up blocker running, please turn that off and try again.  If you have the option to use a different web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome) then please try the different browser.  If after trying the above and you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us at and we can manually register you for the event and take your payment information to complete same.

What if I want to attend an event that is sold-out?

With your consent, we can provide your email address to those who cancel last minute and want to transfer their ticket to you.  Please provide your information to

Can men attend the meetings?

The PWN welcomes both men and women, and we would be pleased to have an additional guest attend.

Can I attend a trial event for free?

Unlike most networking organizations in Vancouver, the PWN charges a per meeting fee rather than an annual membership fee.  This way, we give our members the option of choosing which events they would like to attend based on their interests and desired level of participation.  The meeting fee just covers our costs — we are a not for profit organization.  In light of this, we invite you to attend at your cost.  Note that if you attend one of our events / register as a PWN member, but subsequently decide that you no longer wish to participate, we have made it easy to unsubscribe.  There is an unsubscribe option on each of our event notice emails or you can contact us directly.

Do you have chapters or hold events outside of Vancouver?

The PWN is not operational outside Vancouver as of yet.  We are working to create a platform that will allow for expansion across the country.  If you would like to receive (infrequent) updates/notices about our organization, please sign up as a member (for free) on our webpage.  You can also find us on twitter at @pwncanada

If you are in ever in Vancouver, please check our website for our upcoming events, as well as events put on by other women’s organizations that may be of interest.

Potential Speakers FAQ:

I would like to speak at a PWN meeting, how do I arrange a speaking engagement with PWN?

Please see our Potential Speakers FAQs page.

Sponsorship & Promotion FAQ:

Can you sponsor my event/organization/business?

The Professional Women’s Network is a not-for-profit organization that offer a comfortable, sophisticated environment for effective networking and business development education and opportunities.  While our organization is not in a position to financially sponsor your organization, we do have an active and growing social network community.  We will “spread the word”, to our networks.  If you have a certain message that you would like us to convey via Twitter or LinkedIn, then please send those along to and we will post them to our networks.  There also exists a collective of all of the major women’s non-profit business organizations across B.C. that was formed in 2008 called the Web Alliance – an alliance of Women’s Business Networks ( You might consider contacting the co-chairs of this alliance to see whether your organization might like to join.  All of the organizations that are part of this alliance support one another where we can by cross marketing our respective events and sharing wisdom and knowledge around 4 key pillars – advancing women in leadership, advancing women entrepreneurs, women’s access to markets and capital and advancing women in non-traditional roles and emerging sectors.  If you join this alliance then we can similarly support your organization for mutual benefit.

Are you able to help promote my event/organization/business to PWN members?

We do not promote the businesses or initiatives of our members overtly.  However, we invite you to attend our meetings where you will have a chance to network with other members in a very warm and friendly environment and you can tell them yourself what you are doing and ask whether they would be interested in learning more.  We would be happy to post information about the your organization through our social media accounts (Twitter and LinkedIn).  We use these platforms to promote other events in the community, and events do receive good publicity this way.  Please send us the information to about your upcoming events that we can post.  We also recommend that you post events with Networking in Vancouver.