In the last session of 2017, Lifestyle Design and Career Coach Christine Obee spoke to us about ‘Performing Your Best – What’s in the Way and How to Change It’.

As our participants identified, there are many reasons we strive to perform our best. To name a few: having more energy, being more confident in what you have to offer, making more of an impact, helping more people, and being able to find a better balance in all areas of life.

Christine shared some key concepts to address these issues.

Three areas to optimize to perform your best

  1. Internal Environment: who you are, what you’re interested in and how you operate.
  2. External Environment: where you work, what your space looks like, who you surround yourself with, and any external systems you employ such as ‘to do’ lists or prioritization systems.
  3. Physical Health: eating, sleeping, exercise.

Why a focus on the Internal Environment is important

All of these areas influence each other, but when you know yourself, optimizing the other areas becomes easier. I think we can all relate to having committed to eating well and exercising,  but not following through.  Or wanting to make some changes to where you work or who you are in a relationship with, but being stalled because of fear or anxiety.  Christine stresses this is because of what’s happening internally.

The four ways to know yourself

  1. Skills/Experience
  2. Characteristics
  3. Interests/Purpose
  4. Beliefs/Patterns

Once we know ourselves internally in each of these areas, we can make changes that will allow us to utilize our talents, strengths and interests on a daily basis. Research shows this makes us more engaged at work, happier in general in life and leads to getting better at what we’re doing.

Knowing and shifting your beliefs and patterns can make the biggest impact

Christine shared two tools with us that could be used to examine and shift the beliefs and patterns that are stopping you from performing your best. She argues, this area is the messiest, the hardest to understand, and the one with the most potential to change how you perform in all areas of your life.

If you would like to learn more about these concepts and tools, contact our guest speaker Christine Obee: